The School Campus

In May 1947, the late Bishop Manuel Mascariñas, D.D., bishop of Palo, the parish priest Fr. Flaviano Daffon and a group of Baybayanos- Dr. Jose Silao, Mr. Amado Masecampo, Atty. Jovencio Borneo, Ex-Mayor Apolinario Tavera and  several others convened at the parish convent and decided to establish a Catholic  school to be administered by a religious order. While waiting for the availability of a religious group, the school was run by lay people and classes were conducted  in a rented Segundo Borneo at A. Bonifacio Street. Thus, the Immaculate  Conception College (ICC) was born on July 22, 1947 with the following Board of  Trustees and Incorporators who are now all deceased.